13 July 2008

SLO life

Last time I was in SLO, it was a little rushed. We arrived late Friday night, and left early Sunday, with a little partying in between. I so wanted to stay longer, but it was not possible then.

This time, I wanted to make sure I had time to bum around the town. One of my lacrosse teammates tried to rally us; since we don't often make it to the November alumni game, maybe we could get together on our own. An excuse to go back to SLO, and to see my former teammates? Count me in!

Luca and I left on Friday morning. We hadn't been on a road trip this long, so I was excited to see how he'd do. He sat in his little bed the whole way down and slept. we got down here quickly, and were able to check into our hotel right away. The hotel freaked the dog out. I am not sure why, but he crouched down and sniffed and panicked for a good while. It was funny.

We spent the next two days walking around and checking things out. I went back to campus, walking past my old dorms and to my old classrooms. They all seemed so far away from one another when I was in college...but really, they're not. Maybe I am used to walking further now, or maybe in college I just wanted things to be within 10 feet or something. The campus has changed a lot, new buildings, new fields...new parking structure where our fields used to be. It was fun to walk around, then back to the hotel, passing all the places where I attended parties. Hard to escape those!

Unfortunately, not many laxers were able to make it down here...but a few were. Four of us met at Firestones on Saturday afternoon. I hadn't seen Lisa or Holly in 10 years, and Colby in about 5, and it was so fun to catch up and tell stories of the old days. My cousin was with us, and I think she got bored with our "remember when" talk. Too bad for her, it was fun for us. Colby and I then went over and had a few beers at Frog & Peach...we sat outside, which I don't think ever knew about in college. It is so pretty out there, overlooking the creek. Later, Colby was nice enough to invite us over for dinner and a movie. Thanks again, Colby!

Now I am getting ready to head home...every time I come back here, I remember why I love it. I can't wait to get back down here again.