25 February 2009

Lifted Up to the Top of the HIll, then Tumbled Down Again

This weekend I tried snowboarding...again.

I must say...I am not sure if it's because I am stronger, or just because I have done it a few times...but this was one of the best lessons I'd had, in terms of my aptitude.

That's not to say I am still not completely inept. I am. I can only go down toeside, and slowly. But I didn't completely eat it but once, and I actually got down the hill twice. After the second time, I called it quits because the temperature suddenly dropped, making the hills icy and the people coming down the bunny slope even stupider. I didn't want to ruin my day by getting completely run over by some jerk thinking he's funny (yes, I am talking to you, dude who decided to fall in front of me several times).

Hopefully, it will be less than 5 years before I go up again, and I can aspire to lesson Level 2!

11 February 2009

Wednesday Answers

From Wednesday Weirdness.

1. If you were to be reincarnated as an inanimate object, what would you choose to come back as?
A refillable pen.

2. If you were told that you would be equipped with the perfect comeback to any remark, but it would cost you five years of your life would you take it?
At this very moment? No. But I am sure it would come in handy at some point, so maybe, if it means living to 95 instead of 100 (we have long life lines in my family).

3. What would be the most shocking thing your mom could have ever told you?
That she & my dad were/are swingers. It would also gross me out completely. (hi mom!)

4. If you could spend 24 hours as the opposite gender, what would you do?
Have sex, duh.

5. Describe the ugliest outfit you have ever worn in public.
Hmmm...well, the 80's and 90's don't count, right, since things were in style then... if they do count, well, pretty much anything I wore then. The puffy paint sweatshirts, acid washed jeans, and 3" high hair really wasn't cute.

6. Do you like to celebrate Valentine's Day or do you wish you could magically pouf it from the calendar? If you did, what holiday would you invent to put in its place?
I am of two minds about Valentine's Day. As a romantic holiday, I think it's so false, and that it's just meant to make so many people feel bad (if you're single, you suck; if you're in a relationship, you must want diamonds and lots of gifts; if you're a guy, you just feel bad for not doing the right thing or something). But, I try to look at it as a way to celebrate my friends and the good love I do have in my life. And, of course, Luca, my #1 valentine:-).

09 February 2009

Top That

For years, I have quoted this song. "Top that, top that...I don't give 'a' about trying to top that." Sung complete with shoulder shrug.

For years, I have thought it came from an episode of 90210; I always think of the episode when David Silver just squashes it and they end racism through a Magical West Bev Dance.

I quoted "top that" to my brother tonight (after I scored 100% singing in Rock Band). Then I was reading some Internet stuff and someone quoted it, too! And mentioned a movie called "Teen Witch" with Robyn Lively.

I have no recollection of this movie, though I do remember this scene vaguely now that I have seen it. I also know the name Robyn Lively, but looking through her IMDB listing, there is nothing that shouts out as something I would have watched (maybe I recognize her from Doogie Howser? Oh, and she is Blake Lively's - of Traveling Pants and Gossip Girl fame - sister).

Anyhoodles, I am glad to have this mystery solved. For your viewing pleasure, a cheestastic song.

06 February 2009

Boot to the Head

Dear Young H&M Workerman.
I know you saw me, standing there in line. I watched you set up your register, look over me, look around, and finally open up.

I then saw you look right over my head -- EVEN AS I WAS STANDING THERE STARING AT YOU -- and say, "Next customer," somewhat quietly. As I continued to stare, and you continued to look over my head, you said a little louder, "Next customer."

Be a man. Speak up.

And, as I walked up, you still couldn't look at me, even as I handed over my purchase. I had it in my head to just walk out, because, for christsakes...I am about to spend money at your store, to help keep you employed, and you can't even look at me while you are ringing me up?

I realize I am maybe older than what you are used to seeing in the store, and that perhaps you thought I was a tourist and thus not cool enough for your attention -- oh, and that I am not some hipster, skinny-jeans wearing, weird hair having young man -- doesn't mean that you can't look at an ooky girl! A girl!

Anyway, you deserved a boot to the head. Respect your elders, dude.