30 July 2012

You're the Best...Around...

Party and tutus, and party and tutus...

Yes, this is how my friends & I roll into a race.

No, this isn't the Bay to Breakers.

For the 4th year, I competed in the Wharf to Wharf in Santa Cruz. This 10k is billed as the "best little road race in California," and I have to agree. I have more fun doing this race than most.

This year (and last year, too), my friend A & I had a goal of finishing in under an hour. I thought I had PRed (for that course), but I was mistaken...The past three years, we'd gone in the 1.02 range, which...isn't bad, but we both felt we could do better. We had both achieved that time in other races, but W2W is a little tougher -- it's super crowded, and the first mile is clogged with people walking (seriously, people, start further back and MOVE ASIDE), so it's hard to get ahead.

15 July 2012

Reliving the 90s

Could I sweatshirts BE any bigger?
The other day I was at my mom's, and I happened upon my college photo albums. And, wow...they were a treat.

It's sometimes hard to remember what defined the 90s. The kids who grew up then often try to identify with the 80s (I became a teenager in the 80s, and identify much stronger with the 90s...kids born in the 80s are a little skewed ;-) ), so the 90s get overlooked. Which is a true shame. These pics are set firmly in the mid-90s, so are pretty much removed from the 80s fads and really are those that defined the decade.

The first thing I noticed (aside from the fact that in, about 90% of the pics, we were drinking...sorry mom, that's what I really learned in college)? All the plaid. Sometimes tucked in, often untucked, every color of the rainbow. There is hardly a picture without a peek of plaid (sometimes the shirt was tied around the waist, but it was there). And...those shirts were severely oversized. I don't think I was that much bigger in college, but my tops were at least an XL (adjusting for "vanity" sizing, I should have been about a medium back then), and this seemed to be the case for almost everyone...

11 July 2012

Cookie Me.

It's been a while, I know.

If you've somehow escaped the song of the summer...congratulations. For those of you who have been hearing it non-stop, either on the radio or in your own head, this one is for you.