22 November 2012

21 November 2012

I'm Sold: SPIbelt

There are a few things I can't do without when I run: comfortable shoes, my keys, a ponytail holder, and music. I generally try to have an ID or insurance card with me, as well, since the drivers in my town pay little attention to things like people crossing the street.

For the past few years, when I am on a solo (i.e. sans doggie) run or in a race, I've used an armband for my iPhone, and shoved my keys & cards in a small pocket in my pants, or perhaps in my socks, depending on what I was wearing. This started to become a less-than-ideal situation, since my armband seemed to start outgrowing my arms, meaning I often ended up carrying the armband-wrapped iPhone in my hands.

I don't really care to carry things in my hands while I run.

My friend A had been a long-time proponent of a little belt worn around her waist -- almost a fanny pack of sorts, at least to me. I generally don't like anything around my waist, either, but had gotten rather used to it since running with my dog using a hands-free leash. After one last time of my phone ending up around my wrist because I couldn't get the armband tight enough, I caved and bought myself one of these belt doo-hickies.

And I love it.

The SPIbelt is a belt outfitted with a small, neoprene pouch large enough to hold a phone, car key, money, and an ID or card or two. It sits very close to your body, and, the best thing, it doesn't move while you're running. It was so still, in fact, I often forgot I even had it on.

The size out of the package is deceiving...it is so small it's hard to believe it will hold all your goods. But hold them it does. I even had space to spare. And, despite being weighted down with all the goods, it didn't move, at all. I wore it just around my hips, and there it sat.

So call me a convert. How I got along without this gem of an accessory for so long I am not sure.

19 November 2012

Like, Gag Me with a Spoon

This past weekend, a group of friends & I tumbled out of bed far too early (well, rather, we had stayed out far too late the night before...rookie move) to head over to the park and participate in the first Awesome 80's Run.

Despite our moods, we were excited to get all dressed up in various shades of neon, put our hair in side pony's or pigtails, and head over to the event. As we rolled up, we could hear the 80's music pounding throughout the concourse, and we were ready to dance (and did...nothing like an 8am dance party).

We took our tutu-clad behinds over to the start line, and that's where things went downhill. The chute for the start was on the opposite side of the street, which meant crossing through folks running the 5K to get there. It also meant getting kind of yelled at if you found a break in the 5Kers to run across and get there. Because of this, we had to wait around 15 or so minutes after the start time to actually get going. It should be noted...it was important to go through the chute itself as that was the only timing mat on the entire route (until the finish).

Before I complain too much, I must say...people got REALLY into the costumes. I don't remember ever seeing so much neon in one place...there were groups of Care Bears, Pac-Man & his Ghosts, Double Dare participants, even dogs in hot 80s colors. At the start, everyone had a smile on their face and were ready to get down and have some fun.

16 November 2012

Listen Here: Love Love Love

I heard this song recently, either while I was listening to the album or to Songza (latest obsession, check it out), and it's been haunting me since.

I at first thought it was about an affair, but upon listening to it further, and looking up the lyrics, I don't think that's the case. I think, rather, it is a story of unrequited feelings, and one person taking advantage of the situation.

While it sounds better, methinks, on the album recording, I liked watching the live version so thought I would share.

To the sensitive and tender-hearted among us, I think it will resonate.

14 November 2012

Unicorn Sightings

Team "Delta Bravo" and their unicorn

Mer & another supporter of Team DB
This past week, the Red Bull Flugtag event came to San Francisco. 

My friend Meredith (in the 'fro) invited me to tag along with her to support her roommate, who had decided to make a unicorn and try to make it fly.

In which case, wouldn't it be a pegasus? 

We started off the day in the bunker area, enjoying a mimosa or three. Taking a tour around, there were some...ummm...interesting sights, including the Mystery Gang and men in huge red heels (their Flugtag was a huge shoe. Not sure how they thought that would fly, but...). These folks were definitely hoping The Mystery Machine would still be high off Shaggy's special fumes and would take them further across the water. Pretty sure that didn't happen.

The crowd was very excited, hoping to see at least one or two Flugtags make it further than 10 feet. The first couple went off the ramp and fell right into the water. Our Team DB didn't fare much better, taking a dump off the ramp pretty much right after launch.

Team DB's fans eagerly anticipate the launch
Who doesn't?

I know this event happens in other places, but it feels  very "San Francisco." In this this Neverneverland, the thought of so many Peter Pans building something they hope can make them fly, but lacking Tink's pixie dust to get it done, is pretty on the nose.

12 November 2012

Please vote!

This isn't another political post (thankfully, those elections are dunzo!).

The Princess Project, which I have talked about several times, is up for San Francisco's favorite charity.

With your help, we'll get even more comments like these: