14 November 2012

Unicorn Sightings

Team "Delta Bravo" and their unicorn

Mer & another supporter of Team DB
This past week, the Red Bull Flugtag event came to San Francisco. 

My friend Meredith (in the 'fro) invited me to tag along with her to support her roommate, who had decided to make a unicorn and try to make it fly.

In which case, wouldn't it be a pegasus? 

We started off the day in the bunker area, enjoying a mimosa or three. Taking a tour around, there were some...ummm...interesting sights, including the Mystery Gang and men in huge red heels (their Flugtag was a huge shoe. Not sure how they thought that would fly, but...). These folks were definitely hoping The Mystery Machine would still be high off Shaggy's special fumes and would take them further across the water. Pretty sure that didn't happen.

The crowd was very excited, hoping to see at least one or two Flugtags make it further than 10 feet. The first couple went off the ramp and fell right into the water. Our Team DB didn't fare much better, taking a dump off the ramp pretty much right after launch.

Team DB's fans eagerly anticipate the launch
Who doesn't?

I know this event happens in other places, but it feels  very "San Francisco." In this this Neverneverland, the thought of so many Peter Pans building something they hope can make them fly, but lacking Tink's pixie dust to get it done, is pretty on the nose.

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