26 December 2006

Rain Come Down

It is raining again.

It is weird here...it can't just rain and go away. It instead has to pour, cause flooding, and wreak havoc.

Hopefully it'll clear up tomorrow!

20 December 2006

Soap Operas Suck

Why do I subject myself to this crap. I have been watching them forever...but my gosh, this stuff is rotting my brain!

Just a Few More Days...

'til we get a long weekend! I am already in a holidaze, which does me no good. Thankfully, everyone else at work seems to be, as well.

19 December 2006


How sad is it that it is colder here, in California, than it is in most of the rest of the country. We're not quite sure how to handle this 40F and below weather...meanwhile New York was enjoying 60F+.

Global warming?

13 December 2006

In It for the Long Haul.

The other night I was out to dinner, and kind of a neat thing was going on at the table next to me. There was a woman who had brought her parents to dinner...not only to celebrate her father's 81st birthday, but also to celebrate her parent's 60th wedding anniversary.

How cool is that? 60 years?

It got me thinking...even if I were to marry someone tomorrow, chances are slim I would celebrate 60 years with them. To even get to a 50th anniversary with someone is become a smaller possibility. My parents, who got married at 19 and 21, could easily make these milestones. But as people get married later and later, a feat like 60 years seems even greater.

I can't even fathom, right now, what it is like to spend 5 years with someone (although I hope to find out!). What kind of patience and understanding is needed to achieve this? I don't know, but it must be pretty special!

Happy anniversary, couple sitting next to me. And good on ya.

Still Sniffling...

Yes, I am still sniffling. This is ridiculous. Like I said, I already had this cold in the early fall. This one is includes a little more chest congestion, but still... I am tired of feeling icky. Thankfully, the big knockouts on this one happened on the weekend, so I didn't miss work, but I don't think my coworkers appreciate my hacking cough and sniffly nose.

I hope to wake up tomorrow and have it all be gone!

Rain Rain, Go Away

Am I getting repetitive? I am not digging the rain one bit.

I don't mind the rain, per se, I mind that it is raining when I have time to be outside. If it rained, say, between 10am and 2pm - after rush hour and before the evening commute - while I was in the office, I'd be cool with it. If it rained normal rain, that would also be ok...this rain is that weird mist that makes an umbrella serve no purpose.

I've had enough for now!

10 December 2006

O Christmas Tree!

This week, I got my very first very own Christmas tree. It was very exciting for me, and one of the things I had really been looking forward to. When I first got this condo, I looked at the big space in the front room and thought, "Wow, that would be the perfect place for a Christmas tree!" (it was also in late October, so Christmas was starting to be on my mind)

It is kind of nice, having very little furniture in here, as the tree doesn't get anything messy nor did I have to move anything. It was awesome!

I went over to the local lot (run by a not-for-profit, the same one I used to move) and a very helpful man explained to me all the different trees and options. He pointed me in the right direction when I told him the type and size I wanted. Once I found my pretty tree, he took it off the stand, had the trunk cut, and helped me to shrink wrap it. I put it right into my car and headed home.

I thought trees were heavier, but I was able to carry this tree no problemo into my place. I set up my stand and popped the tree in. I wanted to wait until the branches had time to drop before decorating, but I got excited, and decorated it right then.

It looks so nice, all lit up in the corner. It adds a little something to the big open space. And it makes me feel like a grown up, able to have my own tree. I don't know yet whether that is a good or bad thing, this growing up business, but for the holidays, it is nice to have a little something extra.

09 December 2006

Mean Girls

I am currently watching the movie "Mean Girls." While it is a little exagerated, I can't help but think it isn't so off base.

Girls are often mean to one another. While boys may work things out with their fists, girls tend to use more mental games. Of course, this is a gross over generalization, but generalizations are there for a reason.

I clearly remember when 3-way calling first came into existence. And I would get calls from friends who had someone else on the line, trying to trap me into saying something about the third person. Or, vice-versa. (I didn't have 3-way calling, but my friends did) And how we would ignore one person in our group at a time, until it was someone else's turn to be hated.

I guess when we are teens, we are trying to find out place in the world. And we are not always happy with ourselves, so we take it out on others. Boys fight it out, girls mess with each other's minds. It is fascinating to me that we survive this age; hopefully the scars heal but stay as a reminder of how to treat, or not treat, other people.


It is Saturday night.

I am home.



06 December 2006

The Weather Outside is Frightful

When I arrived in Chicago on Monday, it was 8 degrees. Yes, 8 degrees. Who lives like that? I am a big baby when it comes to weather, I'll admit that without hesitation...but single digits? That to me is insane.

Outta My Way!

Why do people insist on walking right in front of me, and then walking as slowly as possible. Then, as if that weren't enough, they meander back and forth across the sidewalk and cut off my passing lane.


03 December 2006


I am currently sitting in an airport, waiting on a 3 hour delayed flight. I am bored. Thankfully, the airport has WiFi. Unfortunately, I am out of things to look at. They also have the air conditioning pumped up even though it is about 40 degrees outside. Makes no sense to me.