10 December 2006

O Christmas Tree!

This week, I got my very first very own Christmas tree. It was very exciting for me, and one of the things I had really been looking forward to. When I first got this condo, I looked at the big space in the front room and thought, "Wow, that would be the perfect place for a Christmas tree!" (it was also in late October, so Christmas was starting to be on my mind)

It is kind of nice, having very little furniture in here, as the tree doesn't get anything messy nor did I have to move anything. It was awesome!

I went over to the local lot (run by a not-for-profit, the same one I used to move) and a very helpful man explained to me all the different trees and options. He pointed me in the right direction when I told him the type and size I wanted. Once I found my pretty tree, he took it off the stand, had the trunk cut, and helped me to shrink wrap it. I put it right into my car and headed home.

I thought trees were heavier, but I was able to carry this tree no problemo into my place. I set up my stand and popped the tree in. I wanted to wait until the branches had time to drop before decorating, but I got excited, and decorated it right then.

It looks so nice, all lit up in the corner. It adds a little something to the big open space. And it makes me feel like a grown up, able to have my own tree. I don't know yet whether that is a good or bad thing, this growing up business, but for the holidays, it is nice to have a little something extra.

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