09 December 2006

Mean Girls

I am currently watching the movie "Mean Girls." While it is a little exagerated, I can't help but think it isn't so off base.

Girls are often mean to one another. While boys may work things out with their fists, girls tend to use more mental games. Of course, this is a gross over generalization, but generalizations are there for a reason.

I clearly remember when 3-way calling first came into existence. And I would get calls from friends who had someone else on the line, trying to trap me into saying something about the third person. Or, vice-versa. (I didn't have 3-way calling, but my friends did) And how we would ignore one person in our group at a time, until it was someone else's turn to be hated.

I guess when we are teens, we are trying to find out place in the world. And we are not always happy with ourselves, so we take it out on others. Boys fight it out, girls mess with each other's minds. It is fascinating to me that we survive this age; hopefully the scars heal but stay as a reminder of how to treat, or not treat, other people.

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