25 February 2007

It's a Dog's Life

It is rough being a dog. And having one has been a little rough the last few days.

Luca is a good doggie, but like all good doggies, he sometimes gets himself into a little trouble. Friday I came home and he had peed all over my new bedding. I guess it was partially my fault for leaving the bedroom door open, usually I close it when I go to work, but I must not have. So there was a nice bright yellow spot on my beautiful new white duvet cover. There is no way to punish dogs when they do that, since they don't remember what they've done. We had an earthquake on Friday, so I wonder if that scared him.

Then today, I was in the shower and I came out to find he took a box of leftovers off my table and promptly ate them all. Except the pickle & onion, which were lying around on my floor. He knows better, as I have caught him trying to do that a few times and disciplined him.

In better news, he did let a man pet him today. This is a big step for little Luca, who must have had some sort of trauma with men because he usually won't go near them.

Oscar 2007

The Oscars have started. I just had to comment on Ellen's intro...

She was talking about the various nominees. She brought up that Jennifer Hudson was on American Idol, and America didn't vote her in, and there she is getting an Oscar. Then she brought up Al Gore, and how America did vote him in, but...

The delivery was perfect, and it was a rather subtle dig that really worked.

Rock on, Ellen!

22 February 2007

Snakes on Samuel?

Is Samuel L. Jackson taking any job that comes his way lately? I mean...first Snakes on a Plane, which, despite the viral excitement, tanked. Now he's in one called Black Moan Snake or something, where Christina Ricci is chained up in his house. It looks horrible.

I don't know at what point Samuel L. became a joke, but with the movies he is taking, that is sure the direction he is going!

21 February 2007

Why the Hate?

I have been wondering this for a while, but am just now getting around to writing about it, but... does Eddie Murphy hate women?

This question arose in my head upon the release of his latest movie, Norbit. While I have not seen this movie (nor will I), the previews are telling. The main woman, played by Eddie, is an overweight harpy (at least in the previews) who chases him into submission. I am really bothered by this image, as it is compounded by the way Murphy has portrayed women in other movies. Take Dr. Doolittle, where he plays another fat, loud woman.

Is this funny? Is laughing at fat women funny? Is it ok to show a small man being crushed by a larger woman? I don't think so. I think it sends a bad message to people struggling with their weight, and to women at large. And to me, it makes Murphy look like a huge misogynist.

I realize the joke is that Murphy is playing all these women, and of course they would have to make them funny looking for him to pass as one. But he has started a trend that is unsettling (see: Martin Lawrence in Big Momma's House I & II).

15 February 2007

To Grandparent's House We Go

Luca had his first big trip this past weekend. We went over to visit my parents.

He was very excited to meet the family...well, deep down he was. He is a little timid; I don't know what his history is, but he is especially shy around men. Perhaps he had a bad experience with them, or perhaps he is just used to only being around me. Who knows. Needless to say, this made visiting the 'rents an interesting experience.

While he would go cuddle with my mom, he wouldn't go near my dad. There were also several other family members there to see him, and he would barely leave my side. When my brother came over, he hid behind me. I picked him up and put Luca in my bro's lap...he sat there and allowed my brother to pet him, but not without a look of torture on his face, like, please, let me go back to the lady I know.

It was really cute seeing how my dad & brother got a little hurt because the dog didn't immediately take to them. It was pretty funny to see them pout.

My mom is of course spoiling him, and my dad was very proud walking him on the leash (Luca did allow him to do that). I guess since they know it will be a long while until they get a grandkid, they'll lavish the love on their granddoggie.

14 February 2007

Blog Roll

As you all know, I have been a part of PayPerPost for a while now. One of the great things about this company is the opportunity to get to know other "posties," and checking out their blogs. From time to time, I will post them up here to share the love.

One I have come across of late is Autumn's Space. I especially like the layout...it is a blogspot blog, like mine, but her's looks way better. I'll have to ask her how she did it.

Another layout I really like is Candid Quips. The orange works really well! Check out the review of the casino birth lady.

13 February 2007


...the newest member of my household! I would like you all to meet Luca Pietro.

Luca started with me as a foster dog last Wednesday, after being in the Monterey County shelter for about 3 weeks. He was found somewhere near Salinas as a stray, and he was brought up to the Bay Area on 31 January. The SF SPCA felt he was too shy to be adoptable, so they handed him over to Rocket Dog Rescue (www.rocketdogrescue.org), an organization that saves animals from high-kill shelters.

As many of my nearest and dearest knew, I was looking to adopt a dog, so when Rocket Dog asked me if I would foster for a while, I thought that would be the perfect thing. I could test out a few dogs, adopt them out to good homes, and then find the one perfect for me. I thought I could start in a week or two, but there was an urgent need, so they asked me if I could come by that night (31 Jan) and pick up a pooch.

Luca immediately came up and sat very close to me the whole time when I went to get him. After a few nights it became clear it was going to be hard to give him up. And eventually I decided I couldn't. He became officially mine on 6 February.

He is about 1.5 years old, housebroken, and a little timid but getting over it. He hasn't done much damage to my place, and hasn't used it as a restroom. He is getting used to me being gone during the day, and I am getting used to getting up at the crack of dawn to take him for his morning constitution. Considering we end up walking through the hills for 1.5-2hours a day, it is great for me!

Sorry for the long story...He is just as cute as can be. Get ready for lots of Luca stories!

PPP Blog Roll

It's Blog Time Again!
I figured I would create a blog roll capturing all the blogs I think you should read, and to share the PPP love. I'll update this weekly, so keep checking back!

New Blogs!

I was coasting around the 'net recently, and came across some blogs that you should check out!

At Melissa's Place, you can follow Melissa's adventures in motherhood! Although, I particularly like the post about the panty thief in Idaho.

Leigh's new blog covers a bunch of topics...from movie reviews to gaming. She's just building it up, but so far it's looking good!

Deb's got a new blog that is all hearts and sweetness. Throw some support her way.

Kim's got a lot going on in her life...her blog is kind of like mine, full of life musings and practical information!

06 February 2007


This sounds petty, but...yesterday I bought a bunch of socks. They are cute, printed numbers from Old Navy. So, today I wore a pair. Looking at them now, with no shoes on, I can't believe how cheaply they are made. This pair I have on now already have runs in them. My toenails are neat and trim, so I know that's not the problem. I was certainly hoping these would last me more than one day. I hate wasting money like that!

03 February 2007

Spring's a Comin'

Yesterday was Groundhog's Day. I am happy to report that Puxatany Phil saw his shadow, and hopefully spring will be making an appearance early this year. Although we kind of need rain out here, I am very tired of the cold weather, and looking forward to some heat! We'll see if this happens, however. Phil's been known to be wrong before.