25 February 2007

It's a Dog's Life

It is rough being a dog. And having one has been a little rough the last few days.

Luca is a good doggie, but like all good doggies, he sometimes gets himself into a little trouble. Friday I came home and he had peed all over my new bedding. I guess it was partially my fault for leaving the bedroom door open, usually I close it when I go to work, but I must not have. So there was a nice bright yellow spot on my beautiful new white duvet cover. There is no way to punish dogs when they do that, since they don't remember what they've done. We had an earthquake on Friday, so I wonder if that scared him.

Then today, I was in the shower and I came out to find he took a box of leftovers off my table and promptly ate them all. Except the pickle & onion, which were lying around on my floor. He knows better, as I have caught him trying to do that a few times and disciplined him.

In better news, he did let a man pet him today. This is a big step for little Luca, who must have had some sort of trauma with men because he usually won't go near them.

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