15 February 2007

To Grandparent's House We Go

Luca had his first big trip this past weekend. We went over to visit my parents.

He was very excited to meet the family...well, deep down he was. He is a little timid; I don't know what his history is, but he is especially shy around men. Perhaps he had a bad experience with them, or perhaps he is just used to only being around me. Who knows. Needless to say, this made visiting the 'rents an interesting experience.

While he would go cuddle with my mom, he wouldn't go near my dad. There were also several other family members there to see him, and he would barely leave my side. When my brother came over, he hid behind me. I picked him up and put Luca in my bro's lap...he sat there and allowed my brother to pet him, but not without a look of torture on his face, like, please, let me go back to the lady I know.

It was really cute seeing how my dad & brother got a little hurt because the dog didn't immediately take to them. It was pretty funny to see them pout.

My mom is of course spoiling him, and my dad was very proud walking him on the leash (Luca did allow him to do that). I guess since they know it will be a long while until they get a grandkid, they'll lavish the love on their granddoggie.

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