13 December 2006

In It for the Long Haul.

The other night I was out to dinner, and kind of a neat thing was going on at the table next to me. There was a woman who had brought her parents to dinner...not only to celebrate her father's 81st birthday, but also to celebrate her parent's 60th wedding anniversary.

How cool is that? 60 years?

It got me thinking...even if I were to marry someone tomorrow, chances are slim I would celebrate 60 years with them. To even get to a 50th anniversary with someone is become a smaller possibility. My parents, who got married at 19 and 21, could easily make these milestones. But as people get married later and later, a feat like 60 years seems even greater.

I can't even fathom, right now, what it is like to spend 5 years with someone (although I hope to find out!). What kind of patience and understanding is needed to achieve this? I don't know, but it must be pretty special!

Happy anniversary, couple sitting next to me. And good on ya.

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