15 July 2012

Reliving the 90s

Could I sweatshirts BE any bigger?
The other day I was at my mom's, and I happened upon my college photo albums. And, wow...they were a treat.

It's sometimes hard to remember what defined the 90s. The kids who grew up then often try to identify with the 80s (I became a teenager in the 80s, and identify much stronger with the 90s...kids born in the 80s are a little skewed ;-) ), so the 90s get overlooked. Which is a true shame. These pics are set firmly in the mid-90s, so are pretty much removed from the 80s fads and really are those that defined the decade.

The first thing I noticed (aside from the fact that in, about 90% of the pics, we were drinking...sorry mom, that's what I really learned in college)? All the plaid. Sometimes tucked in, often untucked, every color of the rainbow. There is hardly a picture without a peek of plaid (sometimes the shirt was tied around the waist, but it was there). And...those shirts were severely oversized. I don't think I was that much bigger in college, but my tops were at least an XL (adjusting for "vanity" sizing, I should have been about a medium back then), and this seemed to be the case for almost everyone...

Count the instances of plaid 
...except when we were wearing OVERALLS! Then, the only proper shirt was something tight and often belly-baring. We had to give ourselves some shape, of course. Oh, how I loved my overalls. I often wish I still had those...I would rock the sh!t out of them. But, yeah, those pieces of design genius were a huge part of the scene.

I definitely miss some of these fashions. I've always been grateful that our styles were baggy when I was in high school, as I was chubby and there is no way I would have been able to wear the more revealing styles popular in the early 00s & now. But, I have a few items of clothing still left from that time, and I always ask my mom, "Was I this big or did I just buy everything huge? And why did you allow me to?" The answer is usually, no, and it wasn't worth fighting over.

Floral Dress, oversized tops
I always find Bev-9er to be a good time capsule of clothing back then, so it is no surprise to see that these pictures look similar to the images I used to see on Saturday & Sunday mornings before SoapNet was so rudely taken away from me.

It was fun looking through these...I told a younger friend about finding these albums and he said, "oh, I have no printed pics from college." I told him we couldn't have even imagined digital cameras in those days, but I love having these printed pieces of history.

Oh, how I miss the waist-high, camel-toeing jeans and clogs.

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