09 February 2009

Top That

For years, I have quoted this song. "Top that, top that...I don't give 'a' about trying to top that." Sung complete with shoulder shrug.

For years, I have thought it came from an episode of 90210; I always think of the episode when David Silver just squashes it and they end racism through a Magical West Bev Dance.

I quoted "top that" to my brother tonight (after I scored 100% singing in Rock Band). Then I was reading some Internet stuff and someone quoted it, too! And mentioned a movie called "Teen Witch" with Robyn Lively.

I have no recollection of this movie, though I do remember this scene vaguely now that I have seen it. I also know the name Robyn Lively, but looking through her IMDB listing, there is nothing that shouts out as something I would have watched (maybe I recognize her from Doogie Howser? Oh, and she is Blake Lively's - of Traveling Pants and Gossip Girl fame - sister).

Anyhoodles, I am glad to have this mystery solved. For your viewing pleasure, a cheestastic song.

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