25 February 2009

Lifted Up to the Top of the HIll, then Tumbled Down Again

This weekend I tried snowboarding...again.

I must say...I am not sure if it's because I am stronger, or just because I have done it a few times...but this was one of the best lessons I'd had, in terms of my aptitude.

That's not to say I am still not completely inept. I am. I can only go down toeside, and slowly. But I didn't completely eat it but once, and I actually got down the hill twice. After the second time, I called it quits because the temperature suddenly dropped, making the hills icy and the people coming down the bunny slope even stupider. I didn't want to ruin my day by getting completely run over by some jerk thinking he's funny (yes, I am talking to you, dude who decided to fall in front of me several times).

Hopefully, it will be less than 5 years before I go up again, and I can aspire to lesson Level 2!

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