06 February 2009

Boot to the Head

Dear Young H&M Workerman.
I know you saw me, standing there in line. I watched you set up your register, look over me, look around, and finally open up.

I then saw you look right over my head -- EVEN AS I WAS STANDING THERE STARING AT YOU -- and say, "Next customer," somewhat quietly. As I continued to stare, and you continued to look over my head, you said a little louder, "Next customer."

Be a man. Speak up.

And, as I walked up, you still couldn't look at me, even as I handed over my purchase. I had it in my head to just walk out, because, for christsakes...I am about to spend money at your store, to help keep you employed, and you can't even look at me while you are ringing me up?

I realize I am maybe older than what you are used to seeing in the store, and that perhaps you thought I was a tourist and thus not cool enough for your attention -- oh, and that I am not some hipster, skinny-jeans wearing, weird hair having young man -- doesn't mean that you can't look at an ooky girl! A girl!

Anyway, you deserved a boot to the head. Respect your elders, dude.


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