12 March 2007

The Very Short Weekend.

While this weekend was a normal 2 days, it sure seemed a lot shorter. Poor Luca and I are just pooped!

We started the weekend right after work on Friday, when we had to load up the car and head up to Sacramento. First, we made a stop at my aunt's to drop of Luca. He was so good in the car and is really starting to get over his timidness. After he was settled, we continued on our journey. About 3 hours later, we were there! (luckily, we hit very little traffic)

Then, I had to get up early on Saturday morning after a late night of partying to head back down south for my volunteer project. I left the hotel at about 7.15am, after a report from my aunt saying Luca had done very well at her house. Relieved at that fact, I drove sleepily along down to the site. I arrived about 2.5 hours later.

I worked from about 10-3, which while I love the volunteer project, I wish I could have snuck a little nap in there! I then headed over to my parents to see them and my pooch. The poor little guy was a little stressed about not having seen me in a day, but he seemed to be doing alright.

We went to dinner, and I had to hit the sack. Daylight savings started on Sunday morning, so when I woke up, it was an hour later than it should have been, and I felt like I could have slept a few hours more. We went for a nice long walk, then mom & I headed out to do some errands.

To wrap up the day, we had a 88th birthday party for my Grandpapa. By this point I was so tired I could barely speak, and little Luca was starting to wear out. Finally, at about 7.30pm, we got to get in the car and head home....all to start the day again at 6 this morning!

While I love the daylight savings period, the first few days are always tough!

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