13 August 2008

Boy or Girl?

As you know, I am having trouble NOT watching the Olympics (case in point: it is 11.30pm on a school night, I had toe surgery today, and still cannot stop watching until this damn relay is over). But, I am starting to have a problem...

The problem is with these Speedo RZR suites. If i happen to leave the room, and come back in to a new race, and miss the intro, I often have no clue if it is a men's race or a women's race.

(yes, I know if I look hard enough, I can tell... but the camera doesn't always pan down that quickly)

Those suits flatten out even the most buxom of ladies. Couple that with the swim caps and goggles, and, well, who the hell is swimming?

I don't mind that they wear the suits. I think technology evolves, and sports evolve, and you have to use what you can as long as it is available to everyone (and legal). The problem I have is that they are fug, especially on the men.

While I am at it, I don't understand why they are taking away our eyecandy, either. Swimming used to be the time when we could admire the lovely male form, all cut and freakishly strong and smooth. Now, they cover themselves with these old-fashioned looking ladies' suits. Men still get beach volleyball, which is almost pornographic. What do we ladies get in beach volleyball? Men with dorky tanktops and baggy shorts. UNFAIR I say!

I don't care if this is shallow. I love the sport of the Olympics, but I love the pretty, too. And I am feeling jipped here.


Holly said...

admittedly I haven't watched much, but of the few heats that I have seen, most of the guys don't wear the full suit, just the pants version. Michael Phelps has quite the gorgeous body, even if he looks disturbingly like Dennis Soltes - which makes me feel slightly incestuous for admiring him.

annie said...

Hi Holly.
They seem to be wearing the half suits in the prelims, then the full suits in the finals. The women seem to wear the full suits in everything. I have been evaluating this, as you can see;-)

Phelps looks like little Dennis? I guess it's been a long time since I've seen him!!!

Holly said...

picture him blonde, not quite so buff, and with slightly straighter teeth and he's totally Dennis.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I miss the eye candy, but not the poking out pubes.