10 September 2008

Travel Bug

I know it has only been, what, 3 months or so since my last trip...but I have the bug, and I have it bad.

The last time I remember having such a strong urge to travel was in 2005, when, after watching Under the Tuscan Sun, I just decided to book a trip to Argentina. Last year, I had a similar, but not so as great an urge, and, right around now (12 Sept, in fact), I was heading off to Italy.

These days, it seems, everything reminds me of Spain. I went to the SFMoMA the other day, and saw the Frida Kahlo exhibit. It totally brought back memories of the Picasso Museum in Barcelona. Walking around the other day in Golden Gate Park, going to various touristy spots like the Japanese Tea Gardens reminded me of wandering through Sevilla. The hot weather helped with that, too.

I am not quite sure what to do. Perhaps a holiday trip somewhere...Costa Rica or something.
I haven't really been traveling for work, save one overnight trip to Boston, so I think that adds to the urge. While I am not the best flyer, nor do I like airports much or the logistics of getting places, I do love being there, experiencing the smells, sights, and people.


Pernilla said...


He he. MISS YOU LOTS guapa!

Water Lion said...

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