10 November 2009

Where Am I?

The other day, I got a message from a friend of mine asking where the heck I was at the moment.

At that exact moment in time, I was at home, but he had a point. Since 2 October, my life has been an insane whirlwind of travel. It has been so, so fun, but...

To recap.

irst, it was Amsterdam, where I got to see things I've never seen
(a man going into a whorehouse to actually use a prostitute...still grosses me out!), visit a place I had only read about in a very important book (the Anne Frank House), and truly, for the first time in my travels, feel like a local. I got to ride a bike all over! I got caught in the rain on said bike while trying to visit a place that would only take 15 minutes by train! And I was taken for a local over and over again, only being spoken to in English when I corrected someone. That was awesome!

Then, it was off to Copenhagen for a day. But, it was a big one - my
birthday (not telling which one). And, even better, I got to meet
up with two of my amigas muchas, who I have been lucky enough to see a frequently! We hung out in a very cold city, took a cruise tour, and went to the oldest amusement park in Denmark. We didn't eat any Danish, though, which was a little disappointing! (no worries, I got one later) And...I realized HOW EXPENSIVE this city really is. 23$ for a salad?! It was worth the visit, though!

oon enough, it was over the bridge to Sweden, where I got to visit Malmo, which is in the South, and a small town right outside of it. There was a lot of hanging out there, and just being with friends. Then it was off to Stockholm, one of my favorite cities in the world. My love for it has not waned, it is still so beautiful.
And, of course, my dear friend lives there, so it is always fun to visit (even though she owes me a visit for sure now!). Not that I'm complaining, Stockholm is lovely -- the area, the architecture, the people. No arm twisting needed.

Back to the USA and home for a few days. Then, a quick visit to see something amazing.

After communing with nature a bit, I was home for a few more days, then it was off again on an airplane. This time, to New Orleans! There were 20 of us, descending onto the French Quarter like a natural disaster. Aside from the usual NOLA mayhem, it was also Halloween, so add that to the insanity. Somehow we all made it out alive, and with no evident injuries! We also left with a bunch of new friends and a plan to this on an annual basis. My liver is already quivering in fear.

That should have been the last trip, but before I left for Europe, I was told we were having a work offsite in Minneapolis. So, two days after returning from NOLA, I was on a plane again, and off I went! I had never been there, and thankfully didn't have more time, because our hotel was in the heart of a great shopping district, and a HUGE Target. That could have been trouble!

And now I am home, hopefully for a while. It has been a wild, fun, exciting ride, this last month! Not sure I would do it this way again, but I definitely wouldn't change a thing about it.

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