07 July 2010

Lack of Appeal

There are things that I just don't get...Crocs, mesh tops, ironic mustaches...and the appeal of Kristen Stewart.

First, a disclaimer...I have never seen any of the Twilight movies beyond the trailers they show incessantly on TV. I have no desire to see these movies. I don't know that I ever will. So...know that. Right now, as I write this, I am watching Adventureland, a movie that I really like, and where she plays the love interest.

But I have seen La Stewart in several other movies over the years, and, well, they can change her hair, they can change the name of her character...but they can't change the fact that she plays every part the same way: with the expression she is wearing in the picture above, and a disaffected attitude. Pretty much how she is on every red carpet, as well.

"I'm weird and awkward and going to pull my shoulders to my ears even though you all love me and I am a huge star."

Get over it, really. I have yet to see her show any range, or show any reason why all these guys in the movies would be in love with her. She barely smiles, which is too bad, because when she does, she's quite lovely.

There's really no point to this post, other than she bugs me in this movie and in the Twilight crap I can't seem to escape. I'm pulling for her to surprise us...but won't be shocked when that doesn't happen.


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I'm really rather quite new to the whole bloggin community. I just started recently this year. While I've been on Facebook and Myspace since I was a teenager, I recently found them to be "too much" of (?) to really be worth my time. (I can't think of the right word) I've been following quite a few vintage blogs as this is something I truly enjoy, as well as fellow Etsy seller blogs as they tend to be enlightening.

However, tonight I decided to be bold and hit the "Next Blog" button and the top of my screen. I truly, truly couldn't be more thrilled than I am right now after reading your blog on Kristen Stewart.

May I just warmly thank you for your candid and eloquently worded description of a Hollywood nightmare- he he in my opinion, of course.

I personally became a fan of the Twilight series upon complete accident. I never, ever wanted to watch the films. I had never even heard of the books, and I had not paid any attention to the previews for the first movie- at least not enough attention to even remember it. But, one boring Friday night, with nothing better to watch, my husband and my best friends husband brought home this movie because "it was the best [they] could find." And then we were hooked.

But not for the awful, sort of acting with the same old boring kissing scenes you see in the movie posters, replayed from their MTV appearance, and re-done in the same old boring way in every movie. We got hooked for, well, at least I got hooked, for the unbelievable romantic love story of two people who can't be together but are inexplainably drawn to each other. As I'm typing this I'm sort of reminded of the that superhero movie with Will Smith. Tragic love.

Anyway, long story short (or not) I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Maybe I don't get out much, but you are the first person I've read or heard or seen that has such a wonderfully accurate portrayal of someone who's too lucky to be famous and I appreciated your blunt honestly in stating the facts. Kudos and keep up the good work! :)

Unknown said...
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