03 May 2011


Sunday was a crazy one here in Rome. The beatification of JPII meant an insane amount of people pouring in here.

I decided to go to Villa Borghese...originally, I wanted to go to the gallery, but never made a reservation. It turned out fine, as the park is so nice and huge. It was a hot day in Rome, but the trees provided so much shade that it felt perfect. Lots of families riding bikes & taking the kids to the carousal. The picture is the view from Piazza Napolean at the Villa, looking over the side of St. Peter's. I then walked down to the Piazza Popolo, and headed down Corso for some window shopping.

Mom & Tony had decided to go to the Vatican, then tried to hit the Colesseum/Forum, but it was all closed. We met up for lunch, and took mom by the Trevi Fountain (which was much to crowded...we returned later that night) and Spanish Steps.

We woke this morning to news of Osama Bin Laden's death. It seems to have replaced the Royal wedding in the news. Weird being so far from home on such an important day.

The Vespa tour was today, and it was pretty awesome. They took us all over Rome, concentrating especially on ancient Rome -- behind the Forums -- and Trastevere. We definitely hit some places we'd never otherwise see, including a few churches and parks with amazing views of Rome. We asked to be dropped off at the pantheon (third time hoping to be the charm there), and this apparently required our drivers to go through the tightest places possible. It was super fun...I definitely want a Vespa for SF!


Pernilla said...

HEy, Forum is CLOSED Sundays?! How about Mondays?
We will be in Rome a Sunday and a Monday. What is there to do for us, suggestions?
HOpe you are enjoying it!

annie said...

I'm not sure if it is every Sunday or just this Sunday (it was a holiday here, too)...I have some ideas for you; I'll email when I get back. Where else are you going?