01 June 2011

Sickness, Right?

It was a lazy, post-party Sunday. I innocently went to my friend's house to pick up my dog (who had an unplanned slumber party with said friend's dog due to party Saturday), and found that I needed to rest a bit before I headed back to my house.

She was also feeling the urge to rest before heading into the kitchen to make her coffee and get an aspirin, so graciously turned on the TV...to one of the most horrific shows I've ever seen.

"Extreme Couponing," which comes to us care of TLC, showcases very sick people who have an obsession with buying things they don't need with coupons. Some of these women apparently think it is cute, or that they are saving oodles of money...but they are sick.

Yes, they are saving money. But they are buying things they don't need. So...wouldn't the better savings be to not buy those 35 bottles of Malox? Or the 15th pack of hot dogs for a party of 20 people when your refrigerator is already stocked with them? These women were GETTING OFF on their purchases.

At least one was buying milk with coupons, so their kids were at least getting one thing fresh. But there was no fruit, no fresh veggies...all processed and frozen food that could be purchased with coupons.

I was grossed out enough that I had to sit through two episodes, hoping things would get better. But when it came time to roll off the couch and go back home, I just felt kind of ill. I am no paragon of good TV watching, but this was a low.

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Lis said...

but you could have your very own stockpile of useless items you never knew you wanted....who doesn't see that as the best thing ever?