05 December 2012

Vote of Confidence

The most recent episode of Survivor was the seen-it-every-season visit from a loved one. I always love this episode, as it usually (with few exceptions) is a rare, honest moment where the most base human emotions are on display. I am not sure I have ever watched it without crying my eyes watering from allergies.

Tonight and I watched, and while tearing up having the typical allergic reaction, it reminded me of a conversation I'd had while watching one such episode with my parents.

We discussed who my brother would have as his "loved one" should he go on the show. I pondered for myself, "I wonder who I would bring..." and as I started to throw out guesses, my dad had a very matter-of-fact reaction:

"Yeah, right...as if you'd ever make it that far."

Funny because it was probably true...I'd be voted off the island quickly as I'd be starving if there were only fish to eat and at a severe level of crankiness...but, wow, thanks for the vote of confidence!

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