05 October 2013

Bom Dia, Portugal!

We have arrived!

Our first day in Lisbon was a short one... After an Ambien-laden flight or two, we finally got into town in the late afternoon. We were met by a great driver, Kiko, who gave us the low down on this weekend in Lisbon -- apparently it was to be a very busy one.  Three cruise ships had just arrived, and there is a Rock 'n Roll Marathon & "Mini" (half marathon) on Sunday. So basically, it will be a little cuckoo-crazy pants with tourists. 

Once he deposited us near our apartment in Bairro Alto, we decided to eat. And, like all newcomers after a long journey, we chose the place that: 1. Wasn't empty, and 2. Had a lovely, translated-into-many-languages menu. We just needed easy, regardless if it was screaming tourist. 

The food was fine, and not super expensive. Definitely not anything to write home about, or something I would necessarily recommend,but it did the trick.  We were all quite tired, but decided ton walk around a little bit and check things out.  We stopped for a bit at an overlook with views of the whole city, and then off to a park where we learned the price of alcohol here is really low! 

On our way back to our apartment, we heard the low rumble of a massive crowd. As we got closer, we could see that crowd start growing bigger and bigger...and closer to home. The rumors are true...Bairro Alto is the spot for the youngins to come get their drink on.  Kids filled the street, sang songs, and did lord knows what else until the wee hours of the morning. Luckily, I was in the back room, in yet another Ambien-fueled sleep... My friends were not so lucky.  

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