28 February 2016

Wine Sipping: Mazzocco Winery

By far, the winery we visit and recommend the most. How they haven't gotten tired of us and our friends by now is a mystery, but speaks to just how great this place is.

Mazzocco is part of the Wilson Artisan Wine Group, and focuses largely on Zinfadels. They also have a few other excellent varietals -- including one of my favorite Sauvingon Blancs (very limited release). Part of the fun here is tasting the different vineyard-designate Zinfandels, and finding how much diversity can occur with the same exact grape. My personal go-to is the Sullivan, though Maple Reserve is coming in a close second.

If you are lucky, a member, or with one, you may get to go into the Monkey Room to taste their higher-end wines. It isn't a guarantee but it is always worth an ask.

The tasting room and outdoor area are both very welcoming for well-behaved pooches. The outdoor area is big and serene; bring along some nice cheeses or a picnic, sit outside, and enjoy the scenery.

Mazzocco Winery
1400 Lytton Springs Road
Healdsburg, CA
11am - 5pm Daily
small tasting fee

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