20 September 2006

Out Damn Cold!

And so it starts.

Apparently, cold/flu season kicked off this week. I arrived at work Monday morning to find a "wellness kit" on my desk, full of Emergen-C, lifesavers, Purell, and Kleenex. So very thoughtful of our office. Unfortunately, too late for me!

When I showed up at work, it was just to pick up my computer and head back home. I had hoped to get there early enough to not see anyone; I was in a tshirt and jeans with my unwashed hair pulled up in a ponytail, looking like death warmed over. For some reason, my boss had showed up early, so she saw me, promptly chastised me for even showing up and shooed me out of the office.

Looking back, I realize I was getting sick last week. I kept getting good nights' sleeps, but waking up feeling like I had gotten hit by a truck in my sleep. I thought I was just recovering from the wedding the weekend before, but now I know that was not the case (well, not fully the case). It also explains how I got tipsy so quickly that Friday night. I woke up Saturday morning, a little hungover but also with a big lump in my throat and clogged ears. I felt progressively worse throughout the day, even though I tried to tough it through a wedding, and my convalescence on my couch began upon my return home on Sunday.

Being sick really knocks me for a loop. I am too antsy to be sick. I would rather lay around and do nothing when I am feeling well, when I am not being FORCED to lay down because it is the only thing I can do. Laying here sick this week, I suddenly felt the propensity to clean...clean my kitchen, clean my bathroom...anything but lay down and nap. I got to the kitchen, but fell asleep before I could concentrate on the bathroom.

It is like loving to read, but not being able to do it when the teacher tells you to. I guess a part of me (maybe all of us) does not like to do what I am told.

I got sent home again today from work. I figured after two days it was out of hand, and I needed to get into the office. My coworkers watched me closely, without getting too close, and the first sniffle they heard was the cue to get me out. I went home under protest.

It has been a long time since a cold has kicked my butt in this way...damn it!

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