25 September 2006

Finding Lloyd Dobler

To this day, one of my favorite movies is Say Anything. I watched for what must be the 200th time the other night, and it got me thinking (dangerous, I know). My friends and I always fawn over Lloyd Dobler, how he is such a great guy, why aren't there more guys like him, he gave her his heart and she gave him a pen. How dumb is Diane Court, woah? Right? Right?

I am not sold.

We all say we want a guy like Lloyd Dobler (I definitely think it helps that he is played by the delicious John Cusack, but I digress), but really, I don't think we do. Take the romanticism out of the movie, and he is kind of a stalker. He has what he terms a date with Diane at the mall, when in reality, he just sat next to her. He asks her out - which is great - but then on the first date says his whole summer, his whole being at that point, was to be with her.

That would creep me the hell out. First date love professions? I'd be running for the hills.

He opens doors, he puts his jacket down for her over a puddle, he stands outside of her window with a boom box blaring a very romantic song. He patiently teaches her to drive a stick shift. He shivers and acts vulnerable, and she is all over him.

As perfect as that sounds, the lack of toughness or edge to him makes me think that type of guy only wins in the movies.

And in fact, until he gets that edge, until he asks her to rip up the letter, pretend she never got it, she has lost interest. Then, he refuses her, and she wants him back! That to me is realistic, because someone being good all the time gets boring.

If Say Anything were made today, Lloyd would be Googling Diane, checking out where she has been mentioned. He'd be posting love comments on her MySpace page or commenting relentlessly on her blog. He would send her a text message to avoid having to deal with Mr. Court, and sending her love eCards. And it would still be creepy.

Does Lloyd Dobler exist? I wouldn't be surprised if there were some guys out there that are like that, but I seriously doubt women would be loving them like so many of us love the guy in the movie. For me...I think I will take a heaping spoonful of Lloyd Dobler, seasoned with a dash of Joe (of Joe Lies, When He Cries), with a sprinkle of Jeremy Piven's character (of Give Me My Keys, I Love You Man).


Anonymous said...

I'm thinking of getting some french fries, french dressing and a bottle of "peru" for dinner tonight......

BnA-fellow traveller

Anonymous said...

SH*T wrong John Cusak movie..that was from "Better Off Dead".

"I have a credit card....."

There...thats better.

Anonymous said...

CRAP....thats from "The Sure Thing"

Bust me back to:Contiki-Bus-Bunny...