04 October 2006


It is 1.10am. I am laying in the dark here in my hotel room (NY Palace...fancy), completely unable to sleep. Before I went to bed, I was exhausted. Now that I am in bed...I am completely unable to fall asleep.

So, cruising through the TV stations...

- Why did the lead singer of The Killers make himself so ugly? He was so beautiful in the Mr. Brightside video, and now he looks like some 1980's porn cop. I don't get it.

- Mexican telenovelas are hilarious. Everyone is crying. All the time.

- This Senator Foley is hot news. The more I read of his messages, the more creeped out I am.

- Ann Coulter is an idiot. She was on the O'Reilly show (I know, I know...INSOMNIA!) saying that the Republicans are going to have a bad election year, but it will have nothing to do with the Foley scandal, the wiretapping, Iraq, or anything. It's just going to be that way.

- Even muting Ann Coulter doesn't help. She is a scary, scary lady.

- There is really nothing on this late at night.

- There are a lot of good shows on Broadway right now. I wish I had time to go see them all (they have a Broadway preview channel; it is awesome).

- This Foley scandal is getting more press than the Amish shooting. Very sad.

- Tim Daly is friggin adorable. And that Fergusen character apparently uses "for customer use only" bathrooms without buying anything.

- I need to get up in 4 hours. Why in lord's name can't I get some sleep!?

- Why can't I find any highlights of the A's game. Some of us were working when the game was on frickin' early.

- Watching movies, like Jungle Fever, that were made in the 80's is is fun. I sometimes forget how bad the hair, clothes, and accessories were. Why are they bringing these things back?

- Why doesn't Michael Imperioli wax his eyebrows? A little grooming on those wouldn't hurt him any.

- Ok...Scrubs is on. I love me some Zach Braff. Finally, something quality.

I NEED TO GO TO SLEEP. Time is now 1.30am.

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Anonymous said...

Always ALWAYS pack Tylenol PM!! I use it on trans-atlantic flights to fight jet lag.
If the Tylenol doesn't work after the first 30 minutes...hit the minibar....