30 October 2006

Halloween Eve

Halloween in San Francisco is a time honored tradition. Years ago, people would stream into the Castro District, partying and having fun until the wee hours.

Things have changed a bit. While people still stream to the Castro, since 9/11 security has gotten tighter, and so has tolerance for bad behavior. There were lots of problems with fights (the Castro is not a violent area, but when you get that many people in one area, well, stuff happens), so I believe alcohol has been banned. The area swells to at least double the normal population, as people from all over come to visit the legendary fiesta.

I attended this party a few years ago. It was an awesome time; back in the days before security was too tight and people were just having fun. I saw a man scale a pole, for no real reason, the Pussycat Dolls perform burlesque off of a fire escape on Castro Street (they may have been men, though), and, I saw Jesus (pictured above).

It is like something magic happens at Halloween. Becoming someone new, apparently, is something many people can't pass up.

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