05 October 2006

Airport Code: JFK

I had the great pleasure of flying out of JFK today.

One would think, given the amount of traffic that goes through this airport, they would spruce it up a bit. I will admit that I have always been underwhelmed with this airport, but in the past I haven't had the opportunity to walk around much. Today I did.

I arrived and checked in, then headed to the security line. I swear, this line, though short, barely moved. They only have one little table in front of each machine, so you have to wait until you get to the front to put anything into a bin. Which makes everything SO SLOW. And, when you are behind a couple with a baby, who didn't think to start getting themselves ready until they were in the front (couldn't they have taken off their shoes, or jacket, or pulled the bags out from beneath the stroller).

Once through security, there are signs promising the "Food and Shopping Pavilion." I was hungry, so very excited that there would be a plethora of choices. Walking up there...the shopping pavilion was a few duty-free shops and a toy store where you could get the new Elmo if you spend 300$ on other toys. This gave me a feeling of dread for what my food choices might be.

My feeling was correct.

This great pavilion was a McDonalds, a Deli of sorts, an Italian place, and the typical airport bar/food place. And there may have been a smoothie place. Are you kidding me? In NYC, this is how they want their visitors to remember their city? For those just arriving, this is how they get them excited about the culinary delights that await them beyond the airport doors?

Maybe I am spoiled by SFO, which has a lot of restaurants and shops and things to keep you busy. Maybe I have flown into the wrong terminal, and others are better (I have been similarly underwhelmed by all of the NYC-area airports...). I don't know, but it surprises me.

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