04 November 2006

Los Dias Sevillanos

Los Dias Sevillanos

Although it was a few years ago, it seems like just yesterday that I lived in Sevilla, Spain. After graduating from college, I decided I wasn't quite ready to enter the real working world (especially since many of my friends were still in school). Being a Spanish minor, I felt that the only way I was ever going to get the nerve to speak the language was to to go to Spain and learn Spanish.

My first few days in Sevilla were rough. It was very hot, I didn't know anyone, and my living situation isn't what I thought it would be. I had thought I would be in an apartment with at least one other student, but that wasn't the case. I shared the apartment of a Sevillana woman who wasn't around very much, and who locked up the phone in her room so I couldn't use it. I felt a little lost and a little homesick.

Once I started classes, it was great! Sevilla is such a wonderful town. Many of the landmarks are a mix of Spanish and Moorish architecture, which really give the city personality. (there is also a coffin in the Cathedral that supposedly holds the remains of Christopher Columbus) It is truly a Spanish town...siestas shut down the city for a few hours in the afternoon, most people are Spanish-only speakers (which was perfect, as I was trying to learn and falling back on English wasn't an option), the technology at the time was a little behind that of more northern cities Madrid & Barcelona. But people were friendly, there were gypsies singing flamenco at night, and there was a sense of pride, despite the economic downturn the city was experiencing.

And, to top it off, I was learning and speaking Spanish! I was even dreaming in Spanish, which they told us was a great sign that we were learning. We could converse with locals, with each other, with tourists who were having a hard time. It was awesome!

Even all these years later, I still recall my time spent in Sevilla learning Spanish as one of the best in my life. I have back to Spain since studying there, but haven't yet headed back to Spain. Soon, I hope!!

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