19 November 2006

All Moved In

Well, this weekend I moved! I am now sitting in my very own condo, amidst a bunch of half empty boxes.

It smells of fresh paint, has big bright windows that let in a lot of light but not too much sound, and is mine all mine.

There is a lot I need to do...starting with my closet. I have a nice big closet, which is in desperate need of a custom job. The space is completely underutilized, which I am going to remedy as soon as possible! Once that gets done, I can start getting other furniture, and get rid of the little I have now (so long, old dresser that I can't stand!). I am also not sold on the way the bathroom is set up, so am trying to make a few decisions there.

For a long time, I haven't wanted to buy anything for my apartment, as it wasn't really mine and I didn't want to invest the money. But now, I can have things my way, because this place is mine!

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