12 November 2006


Tonight I went out for the first time in a while. Things have been a bit nuts, plus, with the whole purchasing a home thing, I have been trying to save a buck or two.

Tonight was my friend's bday, and I went to two places I haven't yet been in the years I have lived there. I tasted one of the most delicious dishes of mac & cheese ever in my life (holy moses), and had quite a few drinks.

I am not at all thinking that I have been everywhere in this city. But it is fun to find cool places that I would revisit even after I have been here a while. It was a bit of a chilly night, but I think since it wasn't raining, people were out en force. It was fun to people watch and just chill out with some friends.

And now I am home, and I think it is about that time to hit the sack.

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