23 November 2006

On My Way to Work

I walk almost every day to work. Some days, I stop and pay attention to the things around me, and take note of what I see.

For example, the middle aged man on a jog. This would seem normal, around here lots of people jog in the morning, but there was something different about him. This man, out for his morning exercise, was jogging with a little white donut bag. Awesome.

There was also the woman kind of weaving her way back and forth on the sidewalk. Her hair had a ponytail bend in it, like it hadn't been washed. Her lack of ability to walk made me wonder...is she still drunk?

My favorite of late have been the sidewalk washers. Each morning, a few business owners have madly been hosing down their sidewalks. I get that there is a good chance it smells like urine, or whatever else people chose to leave in front, but the way that these guys go at it is truly amazing. And kind of a waste of water. Once a week, fellas, once a week.

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