13 November 2006

A Step in the Right Direction

Almost a week has passed since the midterm elections, and I am still giddy! I can't believe the Democrats were able to take the Congress, a sorely needed step in the right direction.

Many blogs/bulletin boards/etc. I have read say, "Well, now nothing will get done." While I disagree, I would rather have nothing than what has gotten done over the past 6 years.

Bush & Co. has also been humbled, which I think will bode well overall. He thought he could control everything and all would follow his lead. This result sends a clear message that this is no longer the case. It also means he should be shaking in his boots a bit, as he can be tried for some of his actions (wiretapping, anyone?). It still strikes me as ridiculous that Clinton got charged for lying about having sex (which was less about the lying, which was a legit argument, and way more about the sex, which never should have been brought up in the first place as it doesn't, I don't think, have anything to do with running the country and doesn't affect its people), while nothing has been brought up against some of the atrocities that have happened the last few years.

I'm rambling. Last week gave me more faith in the American people than I've had in quite some time. And while I don't think it was so much a vote FOR Democrats as it was a vote AGAINST Republicans, I'll still take it!

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