21 November 2006


For some reason, there was a little miscommunication with my cable getting hooked up, so I was stuck without it this weekend. This, a tragedy in its own right, was compounded by the fact that for some reason, no broadcast station comes in. I tried to watch regular TV, but nothing seemed to work.

So, there I was, disconnected from the world it seems. I have the Internet, but my Sunday routine of watching the news was totally disrupted by this lack of TV. I read the newspaper online, but it wasn't the same. As I unpacked, I needed something to watch.

What I watched is the subject of a whole other blog entry, but suffice to say I am both thrilled and embarrassed at the same time. But it felt weird, to be here, at home, and not be able to know what is really going on in the outside world without getting on the computer. I can't say that I disliked it, the way the news has been lately it is little more than depressing. But I missed my morning ritual, and I missed my friendly newscasters.

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