05 November 2006

Scene in Las Vegas

There is no other place in the world like Vegas (there can't be!). This city unabashedly lives the moniker "Sin City." Just about anything you want, you can get...even something previously unknown to you! Casinos lack windows and clock, and the only indication of the passing of time is the dwindling pile of chips sitting in front of you.

Looking around, truly anything goes. From the middle-aged, fanny-packed couple ooing and awing over a drag show, the senior Liz Taylor look alike walking out of the chapel with a 23-year old man, to a high roller getting comped an upgrade complete with several escorts, nothing is too far fetched. The 7.99$ buffet sits next to the four-star chophouse, which both may sit in a hotel modeled after a middle-eastern palace.

Las Vegas is information overload, and it is a glorious chance to lose yourself, if only for a little bit.

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