09 November 2006

Best Show NOT on TV?

ABC Family has recently started airing episodes of Everwood, a former WB show. Watching it from the beginning, I have to say, this was a most excellent show. It is a shame it is no longer on TV, because it was easily one of the best ever on WB (not cheesy good, like Dawson's Creek, but real quality good). (also, shut it, I know I am too old for teenage dramas...I like 'em, ok!)

The acting is stellar, and the storylines are for the most part believable. The teenagers act like teenagers. The parents are not best friends with the kids, nor are they perfect. Nothing is idealized, things hurt, are painful to watch; in short, they are real.

I just picked up this show towards the end of the run, and it was definitely over too soon. I miss watching the lives of the Browns and the Abbotts, and life in the small town of Everwood. I am so glad it is running again!

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