23 December 2007

A Christmas Miracle!

Since adopting Luca, he and my father have had a rather contentious relationship. Despite the fact that Dad feeds him, walks him, and takes care of all of his other needs while Luca stays with my parents, Luca was scared as heck.

Until yesterday.

We came over to begin our holiday stay. My dad was in the kitchen, and offered Luca a treat. And...Luca carefully walked up to him, and took it from his hand. This was a first. Luca took the treat and ran away to eat it, but then came back for another one! And he has let my dad pet him and didn't run away.

This may not seem like much, but considering how hurt my dad's feelings always seem to be when Luca ignores him, this is a huge step. Almost a Christmas miracle, methinks!

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