30 December 2007

R.I.P. Aunt Annie Marie

Yesterday morning, I got a call that both surprised me and didn't, at the same time. My mom said she had bad news, that my Aunt Annie had passed on.

It wasn't that surprising, as she was 91 years old (I think) and not in the best of health. She was all there mentally, but physically, not so much.

Still, it surprised me as she was pretty adamant about when she was going to go. Her daddy had lived until he was 96 (!), and so was she. Last I was there, she told me since she only had about 6 or 7 years, she had to start getting rid of things; this was about 3 years ago.

Aunt Annie lived in Texas her whole life, and was a southern woman through and through. She still got her hair and nails done each week, full makeup when you saw her Presentation was always very important to her, even when her body didn't cooperate so much. Her mind was like a steel trap, she remembered all the details of her parent's courtship, life growing up...she spoke for quite a long time when I visited and it was really interesting.

She had been rather lonely this year. Her husband, Rupert, died many years ago; a few years ago her sister Adelia passed away, and not too long ago Adelia's son also passed away. Aunt Annie and Uncle Rupert never had children, and none of the family lived very close to her. I would like to think she passed on thinking good thoughts, and that's she's now back with Adelia and my grandma, having a grand old time.

Rest in Peace, great Aunt Annie.

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