06 April 2008

Have Your Pet Spay or Neutered

This past Friday, Oprah brought light to an issue about which many people are ignorant: Puppy Mills. This is a horrifying practice, one which makes me truly question humanity.

I know the readership of this blog is rather small, but this is an important cause to me. As an animal lover, it pains me to know that there are thousands of puppies being born in horrifying conditions, living their lives in tiny cages practically on top of the mother that birthed them (who, likely, has never left her cage, ever, and has had litter after litter). These animals are also inbred, leading to birth defects and congenital problems. They are then shipped out to pet stores (or, purchased on the Internet by unknowing and excited new owners).

In addition to puppy mills, another huge problem is people not spaying and neutering their pets. This leads to pet overpopulation, and many of these pooches end up in the shelter and many meet an untimely death. If pet owners were responsible and took care of their pets, we would see a big decrease in canine euthanasia.

I got my Luca from a dog rescue. I have told this story before, but he was one of the lucky ones; he got picked up by Rocket Dog Rescue because the shelter he was at could not adopt him out. The SPCA didn't want him. If not for Rocket Dog, he may have been put to sleep. I encourage everyone to first turn to a rescue or shelter to adopt their next pet (there are rescues for all kinds of animals, from dogs and cats to horses and bunnies). If you must have a purebred, make sure to meet the breeder, as any good breeder would want to meet you, as well.

Please, if you are thinking of adopting a pet, please understand what that means (there is actual work involved...but the rewards are endless), and please think twice about where that pet is coming from.

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