22 April 2008


La Clase de Reyes, 1998

In one month, I will be heading to Sevilla to meet my companeros de clase. None of us have been there in 10 years, when we all lived there, went to class, and hung out at El Capote (above). Four of the five folks meeting in Sevilla are in that photo (Pernilla is missing...she was in another class).

How much has changed in the past 10 years? It will be interesting to see. We all last met 5 years ago at Pernilla's wedding. It was late December in Sweden, so very cold, very snowy, and very fun. It started with a yummy home-cooked meal at the Prince's guest house (the hostel we stayed in, next to the castle Pernilla & Jens got married in!). It ended with New Year's Eve together, and having a great time lounging around La Casa Azul on New Year's Day.

The First Night, 2001

What will it be like to see each other again, in the place we first met?

Who knows? But I am excited to find out!

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