20 December 2008

Smiling's my Favorite!

In honor of the holidays, I am sharing my favorite movies/songs. If you don't like it...well, too bad. I am doing my best to get into the holiday spirit this year, because it's just not happening for me.

Elf, though just a few years old, is a total classic. It astounds me that Will Ferrell can keep his wide-eyed innocence throughout the film, and play this part with such unabashed joy.

My favorite favorite scene is when he hears Santa is coming. I can vaguely remember being so in love with the idea of Santa when I was a child, that my brother and I could barely sleep. One of the few times we would get along -- Christmas Eve -- we would giggle and chat before bed, then in the morning sit outside my parents room until it was ok to go in. All the while, we would be daring each other to go into the living room to check for Santa, did he come? Did he eat the cookies? My parents would make us sit on the couch so they could go check and see what the big guy brought us, and we would wiggle and be jumping out of our pjs until we were allowed to go in.

For me, this clinches the movie. That Ferrell is able to capture the excitement we felt as a kid, and show it to us as an adult is absolutely amazing to me.

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