26 May 2009

Tickets Booked!

I know it's been a while...I wish I could say I was off on some fantastic adventure, but, really, I have just been super busy here at home.

I am super excited, however...I finally booked my tickets for my vacation!! Hooray! In October, I'll be heading over to Europe, hopefully to visit my friend's the Q's in Amsterdam (well, I'll be in A'dam, I am just not sure they'll still be there!). I've never been there, and I think it will be so different than most places I go; I can't wait.

After that, I'll head up to Copenhagen and meet with my favorite Swedes, Pernilla & Stina. I have been lucky enough to see Pernilla twice in the past two years, and this will make it three for three! And I got to see Stina last year, too, so twice in two years is equally awesome. She lives in nearby Malmo Sweden, so we'll also head over there. It is also fun that I'll get to spend my birthday with them, just like I did when I turned 22!

Of course, what would a trip to the area be without a visit to Stockholm to visit Pernilla's new house?! She has promised me a hot tub, fire, and wine. I am hoping to try this ice wine she keeps mentioning. I won't get to be there too long, but I can't wait to see the casa negra (it is painted black. Her old house was the casa azul.).

I have lots more exciting plans this year, but I can't wait for this one. I want to plan and book all my stuff now, which is silly, because hopefully prices will come down a bit before I go.

In the meantime...I know there is tons of info out there for Amsterdam, but what about Copenhagen? What are the must sees?

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Pernilla said...

Hey girl! We'll have Stina. She'll know. ;) I have two specials from magazines that came this past week so we'll be all set.

The hot tub is bought, just needs a porch now. Jens started working on the porch last weekend.