29 May 2009

Boo: Orbit Pomegranate Gum

I was blinded by the purple packaging.

I admit it.

And the word pomegranate in the flavor. I don't know why, but I always fall for the pom flavor. Go figure.

Orbit Pomegranate Gum did not live up, even closely, to my expectations.

I made the mistake of buying a three pack. After opening the packaging and throwing it in my purse, I noticed a scent of nail polish remover following me around. I could not, for the life of me, figure out what the heck it was! It was in my house, at my work, when I went out...I hadn't used nail polish or remover in months, so it was very strange.

Eventually, my super-sleuth skills led me to the culprit: the Gum! That was just the first of it's problems, though. The texture, well, the texture is just plain weird. I don't know how to describe it, but it isn't gum-like at all. For the first few chews, you get some wonderful bursts of flavor, then it gets sweeter, and the texture is almost like what I would imagine chewing the Styrofoam peanuts would taste like. In fact, it was kind of like those candy marshmallow peanuts after they have been sitting in the sun too long and gotten a little melty. In a word: gross.

I had to toss the extra two packs of this gum. It made me sad...I hate wasting things and especially little splurges like gum (ok, not really a splurge for me, more like a must have). More than anything, I was pretty disappointed.

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