02 June 2009

Rain Delays Can Be Fun!

Rain delays are usually boring. If you are unlucky enough to be at a baseball game when one occurs, you are likely huddled beneath the overhang, dreading the return to your seat, which will now be soaking wet. If your in the more tropical areas, like Florida, it may still be warm while it's raining. We rarely have that luck here!

So I love that these kids just enjoyed their 5 hour delay. I love that they tried the Macarena, which came out when they were, tops, 5 years old. I love that they did the dance to Beat It, a song that came out before any of them were even born, and speaks to the enduring appeal of pre-freak show Michael Jackson. I especially love the Irish jig, and, of course, the slip & slide, which...I don't know how it took them so long to partake!

Mainly, I love that these kids realized sports are supposed to be fun. That they are playing a game. And that they shed any self-conciousness and just had a flippin' good time.

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