05 June 2009

Repeal the H8

I have a lot to say about Proposition 8, landmark legislation in California that actually stripped people of rights the California Supreme Court had ruled they should be granted. A lot to say, but I will keep it, for now, to this....

If we start taking away rights, who is to say yours, or mine, may not be taken away one day? It wasn't that long ago that women couldn't vote. It wasn't that long ago that two people of different races couldn't marry. It is a slippery slope onto which we embark when we start taking away rights. And if we allow the majority to take away rights of the minority, it sets a very scary precedent.

Aside from that, for me, it boils down to this: In what way does this issue -- two people who love each other celebrating and declaring their love, and thus get to participate fully in a society that grants certain rights and privileges to married couples -- affect them in any negative way?

"They'll teach gayness in schools" for realsy? They'll teach that everyone is different but we're all human? "People will want to marry their dog" why yes, that is exactly the same thing! "Polygamy will return" who the hell cares if it is CONSENTING adults entering into the relationship. Who are any of us to regulate this?

I choose to celebrate love, in all its forms. We should all be so lucky to experience the love I have seen between many of my gay and lesbian friends. We should all be so lucky to love.

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