30 June 2009

Ghostride the Whip

There is a certain amount of crap an East Bay-native gets here in the Bay Area. When I started meeting people who were not from my little Inner East Bay bubble, I started hearing these stereotypes, which frankly surprised me. But they are probably true (look, there is a huge trailer park at the end of the street I grew up on, where shirts are rare and beer is plentiful).

At any rate, the new spin is SF vs. Oakland, and, well, this video not only makes fun of it, but hits on the points right on the spot. Especially about the jaywalkers (seriously, drive down International and try to get anywhere quickly...not gonna happen). Also, the hipster debate.

My take? They all dress funny and have weird hair, regardless of which side of the Bay they live.


Tom said...

I was born/raised in the Sunset. I also know Oakland very well, my father is from Oakland, I lived in Oakland for 5 years.
This 'commercial' is classless.
Only people who emigrated to San Francisco would think this is funny.

annie said...

Hi Tom.
I was born/raised in the 'town. I now live in the City. I know both cities very well. This is funny.

Chill out, dude.