22 June 2009

Nerdy for Analytics

I readily admit I am a nerd. I love the ins and outs of people and things, and love to learn more about what’s going on outside my little world, be it through reading, talking, technology, or travel. (anyone who has ever had the great luck of talking to me for more than three minutes knows I am a question machine)


In this case, technology is piquing my interest…specifically, Google analytics. A while ago, I threw analytics on this little blog, mainly out of curiosity, but also, at the time, I was trying to raise a few extra bucks through it and wanted to see if my promotion efforts were working. (FWIW…at the time, I went from the lowest Google rating to the second highest, which was pretty awesome) I no longer do that, but it is fun to see who is visiting and from where (you can see it in real-time, too, on the bottom right side).


Not feeling very motivated today at work, I went to check out what my site’s been doing. I went through a bunch of reports I had never seen and found one that describes where people are from, and puts in on a handy map!


In the last month, people from 4 continents have visited Head in Knots. The USA obviously makes up the bulk of visits (thanks, Mom!), with folks representing 28 states. Gotta get those numbers up, as we all know EVERY state would benefit from my vast knowledge of 90210 trivia and musings on pomegranate gum (nasty).


Anyway, I am still lacking motivation, so thought a screen grab and a note would make the day complete. I am not sure who you all are, but…Aloha, Hej, Ciao, Bonjour, Howdy, Hola, G’Day, Cheerio…Bienvenidos a todos!

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